N small city
Corruption +3, Crime +2 base -1 in KR, Economy +3 base +5 from Sarenith through Arodus, Law -1 base +4 in KR, Lore -1, Society +2
Qualities: prosperous, strategic location, holy site
Danger: +10

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Government: Autocracy
Population: varies greatly 6,900: 70% Human, 15% Dwarf, 10% Half-Orc, 5% Other

Notable NPCs
Countess Heralil Lentilili
Gedem Oppajon

Base Value 6,800 gp; Purchase Limit 52,000 gp; Spellcasting 6th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4
see Notable businesses

The Warrens – build up from the caravanserai that was a precursor to modern Yanmass, this is the city’s heart. Here copper mongers haggle with spice merchants in the massive bazaar as traders load and unload good wary of the Inspectors prowling in their midst. Dirty children pick-pockets and haggard looking mercenaries seek out employers. The buildings here range from stately to serviceable to lopsided shanties that threaten to expand beyond the crumbling city walls.

The Kennel – Neighboring the Willow Downs is the martial arm of the city, here the Taldan Horse Legion have their barracks and massive stables nearby. The large open-air workshops of stonemasons shaping fountains and building stone quarried from the foothills is here. As well as most of the blacksmiths see Weapons and Armor. The local seat of politics (outside of the Palace itself) is the Blackstone, a Trades Hall which was built here to overlook the sprawling markets of the Warrens.

Kestrel Row – where the most affluent call home, the row is a series of manors built near the splendorous Ioletta Palace. Here the nobles and merchant lords take leisurely strolls through the Willow Downs and practice swordplay or falconry on the grounds near the knight-captain’s watchtower. The city walls here are maintained more regularly and guard patrols frequent.

During the summer solstice the streets are decorated in colorful lanterns and merrymakers flood the taverns to mingle, drink, dance, and carry on long into the night. It has long been a tradition for the Ioletta Palace to host a grand version of Desna’s Ritual of Stardust. The epic plays of Sarenrae are publicly performed in observance of the Sunwrought Festival despite the religions outlawed status in Taldor.


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