Heralil Lantelini-Faldroon

this aging noblewoman retains much of her former loveliness.


Lady Heralil Lantelini, born Heralil Faldroon of a noble lineage that has governed trade in Moheto for generations. Known throughout Taldor as a not only a gorgeous young woman, but a gifted poet and a fiercely skilled equestrienne. It was natural that when the heir apparent of the thriving border province of Yanmass, Benor Lantelini, sought a wife – it was House Faldroon’s most beautiful daughter he desired above all.

Benor was known as a difficult, spoiled youth. With the death of Marquis Conario Lentelini IV, Benor was still very much a boy at 17. He showed little love for commonfolk, thinking them leeches straining the limits of his benevolence. The few advisors that sought to soften the boy’s heart were undermined by those who wanted to exploit his tyrannical nature by mandating higher taxes for non-guild merchants trafficking in the city and secretly employing brigands to raid and loot their caravans. This power grab was vexed by the extravagant wedding of the young Marquis Benor and the Lady Faldroon. The councilmen involved scrambled to disguise their wanton embezzlement of House Lantelini’s holdings, even double crossing their own hired thugs in order not to pay them. As every copper was being accounted for in preparation for the merging of two Houses, it became apparent to Benor that he was being lied to by most of his advisory staff. Most of the conspirators were sentenced to gruesome public executions in the streets of Yanmass, while some attempted to flee the land.

Benor ruled for six years and at 23 his domination over the city was at its worst. What few council members that remained loyal to him found it difficult to implement or even properly interpret his draconian decrees. He was poisoned during a celebration to honor the 10th anniversary of his father’s death.

Heralil survived her late husband and as a widow the Marchioness continued to oversee the affairs of the city, never to be re-married. A sultry teenage vixen no more, Heralil is content at 53 years to attend galas and banquets, do some riding in the countryside and generally ease through her time of twilight. She is regarded as a level-headed and pragmatic ruler but is criticized for being somewhat aloof concerning matters of economy and trade, only forcing policy to further mutually beneficial relationships with other noble houses and seldom taking any significant measure contradicting the advice of Master Metot Dajitut.

Heralil Lantelini-Faldroon

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