Simaria Moonrose

a fiery eyed Keleshite/Varisian woman with a penchant for misadventure.

  • Appearance
    Khismia stands 5’6" with penetrating amber-orange eyes and long rust-brown hair. Slightly pear-shape physique and bearing a tattoo of a butterfly over her right eye, signifying her to be among Desna’s faithful. She favors brightly colored, loose fitting jackets, elegantly tailored fitted blouses and leather riding leggings.
  • Background
    “Moonrose” was a chosen surname she chose upon becoming a woman, observing a common Varisian tradition. Her father, a Varisian merchant peddled in Yanmass from time-to-time and fell in love with a native woman there. Born for the road, young the city represented the very edge of the world, she was always fascinated by the Whistling Plains and the nameless tracts of land beyond. Her family’s caravan route travelled extensively across Avistan, wherever their wares or services would fetch the most coin or often to chase some dream or prophecy announced by the eldest among them.

She has returned to Yanmass, temporarily far from her kin but not without friends, to carve her own path in the world.

  • Habits
    A skilled rider and good with a blade from a young age, it seemed proper that she make use of these talents and was recruited for a stint of duty with the Outriders. When not out on patrol she frequents the Whorish Harpy. Mistaking her for a working girl might prove to be a costly mistake.

Simaria Moonrose

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