Tikbuk Oddtoil

a gruff sort whose racial tendency for jolliness has been worn thin over the years. His closest friend is a Great Bull Mastiff, Crispin.


Tikbuk stands 2’ 11" has ice blue eyes and light blonde hair. He favors simple, utilitarian garb.


Tikbuk was born in Oregent in Andoran, where he learned the family trade of the cobbler until coming of age the allure of an adventurer’s life got the better of him. Armed with little more than his enthusiasm and a poorly short sword forged from hobnails and heel irons he set out to explore the Norgotha Peaks. Spurred on by the tales of ancient treasure strewn amidst the burial cairns of long-dead barbarians. A true greenhorn in the wild, it wasn’t long before he was assailed by bandits and captured.

This turn of events grew dire when he was sold into the clutches of a perverse brood, “nobility” of old stock. Having been stripped of whatever political clout they held long ago and left to rot on what was once their ancestral holdings, the family degenerated into followers of The Midnight Lord.

They specialized in complex tortures, savoring most the pitfighting of innocents amidst an orgy of self-mutilation. Having condemned their malformed, inbred children and hapless abductees alike to the cellars below the decrepit country manor. Tikbuk was kept in a pitch black hole as months then years passed by in a fog… yet he remembered every fight. Refusal meant pain and his jailers soon learned that what horrified him most was animals, often large dogs just as frightened and helpless as he was. He was robbed of his vengeance against the tainted cultist as the family tore itself apart (quite literally).

For several years he drifted, plying his trade as a cobbler. One night as he pushed his cart through the dark streets of Oppara, he stumbled upon the scene of a low-born lady being dragged into an alley by a gang of cretins. The woman’s eyes met his and although the accosting thug muffled her cries, her plight was obvious. Something stirred inside Tikbuk and his hand gravitated, trembling, to the tack hammer in his cart. He slipped into the alley and his mind returned to that dark cellar in the lonely manor of his twisted captors…

Tikbuk staggered away from the alley covered in gore, he spat out the remnants of a nose which he just then realized he had chewed off. The woman fled from her bloody rescuer in a mania, calling out for the city watch. He vomited as he had always done after the carnage was over.

His panicked flight through the flagstone streets of Westport ended when he ducked into an overturned dockside crate, leaping onto Crispin. The startled hound clamped his massive jaws around Tikbuk’s throat. But a strange thing happened in the animal’s mind and he grew calm and gentle. Cleaning the blood off his unexpected bunkmate his his massive tongue. Tikbuk believes the Great Bull Mastiff is a favor from the gods, which gods or god he couldn’t guess, but it means to him that his past is forever behind him.

The duo made their way across the Tandak Plains, helping the helpless and punishing cruelty. This is a quest they continue in Yanmass where he currently leads the Outriders a detachment of the 65th Taldan Horse Legion. For his duties as First Outrider, Tikbuk assigns missions – almost all jobs are solo and common chores include bringing a fugitive to justice or tracking bandits. The rotation is such that the city only host 2-3 Outriders at a time with the others out on extended patrols.

He is bound by oath to defend good-aligned halflings from tyranny, injustice and harm. He adheres to this code or loses his honorable standing within the Order of the Paw.

Tikbuk Oddtoil

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